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Karambit Training Knives & Instruction Videos

At the Halls of Valhalla we are proud to finally offer to the public a new and innovative supply line of martial arts training Karambits for the Silat practitioner that seeks additional tools and information that is hard to find, not available or doesn't exist. We now offer the "Kalaj Kutter", an accessory line of aluminum & high density polymer training Karambit knives, & martial arts training DVDs from the system known as
Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S.).

Karambit Instructin Video

Combat Training

The Karambit has ever been a concealed part of Pentjak Silat, only passed on to the highest ranking students (and only if their teacher knew about it). There are many techniques available for the practitioner who trains in karambit arts, that are not available to the general public, until now. You will learn proper handling, disarms, as well as how to defend against stabs, slashes, and more.

Only Multi-Range Combat Science will assist you in the hidden journey of Karambit martial arts.
(11 Techniques - Complete Run Time 14 min. DVD) Guru Kalaj demonstrates a variety of hard hitting in your face concepts, techniques, & combos with his good friend Robert W. Maples.

# Karambit101DVD

$19.95 ea.

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